Better To Rent Or To Buy Bike?

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Nov 4, 2015
I am new to biking and I wanted your advice to see if it is better to but or rent a bike. I live in a condo and the bikes in our garage often get stolen, even if the bikes are locked. We have a local bike shop around the corner that rents bikes. The hourly rate for the bikes are between 6-7 dollars per hour. I am not an avid bike rider. I ride bikes about two times a week, for about a couple hours each time!! I would really appreciate your opinion.


Oct 29, 2015
That's pretty expensive... Maybe you could rent for a while until you know if you'll ever want to get more into cycling. If not, no harm done, if so, you can get one then. Is there any option whatsoever of bringing a bicycle into your apartment at the end of each day? I know space can get tight, they can be cumbersome, and stairs are evil, but...