BEWARE - Evil "Seller"

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  1. David White

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    Beware of the following individual (or person posing as): Jamie Willis and
    using email of [email protected]!!!

    This person posted an ad on RoadBikeReview for a Merlin bike, complete. Ad
    claims location is Portland, OR. Luckily, a friend noticed that the photo and
    description in the ad were identical to those in an EBay auction running at the
    time where the current bid was well above the post price in the ad. Since then,
    the ad was pulled from RoadBikeReview.

    In the meantime, I had emailed the "seller" with my interest in the bike. I got
    a couple responses telling me he know little about it, that it was his
    brother's bike, and that I could arrange to pay via some BS escrow on the web.
    I knew for sure then that this was a scam. So for fun I emailed saying I would
    come to Portland to pickup the bike in person. As expected, the response was,
    "no no; I am in New York, the bike is in Portland with my mother. You must pay
    via escrow and my mother will ship the bike." Ha! Another indicator was that
    his response email to me referred to the bike as an ATV.

    You have been warned!!