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    Due to misleading statements on their Home Page that it was free to register and thinking that I saw that one could also message for free I joined (should also have on that home page, a disclaimer that one must be a PAID member to utilize it) and became alarmed that my birthday publicly displayed which as a victim of i.d. theft concerned me greatly and last but not least all the answers that I laboriously filled out were wrong on the final profile. Another reason I joined was there was a link from American Cycling Association which I felt was a reputable company that had a link to it. They later told me that they had no connection to the site and it was printed a long, long time ago and they never checked it out, but will remove it.

    I used the contact us form on their site, got an error message, called their number which was a google voice one (this was from a link on their website which said customer support and led you to a site that was an LLC company of White Buffalo Ventures), and name on the google voice message, did not match the name of anyone on their staff which consists of only three people, wrote to everyone that I possibly could on their site asking them to delete my profile (I also found out that there WAS a charge not easy to find on the dating website) no response. When I called the same number the second time, the number had been disconnected and when I called from another phone wondering if they blocked my call, it was still disconnected.

    The worse that can happen is that my profile would NOT be deleted (no worries because as an unpaid member it's virtually useless, can't contact anyone and vice versa) but since it IS paid, want to warn others who are PAID members that if they have a problem, they may not be able to contact anyone.

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    Sounds like a real scam they've got going. Just about anyone can set up a website, take people's money, and provide no way to contact them. It's the way things go on the Internet, with fake news, fake people, fake memes and fake websites. It's enough to make you distrust everyone.

    I just took a look at their website. It looks good, and their mission sounds noble, but the fact you couldn't obtain satisfaction in attempting to get your profile removed, make it dubious.

    There are websites where you can give reviews on businesses. Google is one of them where you can create reviews. Usually, if you do a search for the website, and it shows Google reviews, you can read other people's reviews and post one of your own. If Cyclingsingles doesn't have Google reviews, you can find other review sites by searching for them. I wouldn't recommend Yelp because of problems I had with it, but that's another story.

    I did a favor for a relative who doesn't use the Internet but wanted to buy a cordless phone from an ad. I ordered it for her and she paid me for it. When it arrived the phone (which had two handsets and a charger for the second handset) would work only with one handset. The company guaranteed your money back if the product was faulty, but would only give you a portion of the price back if you just didn't like it. They sent half the money back, so I protested it. They responded and said it wasn't faulty, and that I just didn't like it, so no full refund. I found a reviews website and posted a very negative warning about the company. Soon I was getting emails from the review site, telling me how many people were reading my review. Soon after that, the company in question, refunded the rest of the money.
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    I wish the federal government would get a lot stronger about that internet fraud as well as those blasted robo calls, the feds got real strong back in the day about mail fraud but now it's like they don't care about the modern version of that.