Beyond Cardiology

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    Humans are notoriously impressionable. Dress up just about any idea with a
    good dose of emotion and most of us willingly swallow it hook, line and
    sinker. In fact, a large portion of the ideas, assumptions and beliefs
    floating around in our heads right now are very likely false. History,
    science and logic all dictate the ideas we strongly believe and cherish
    today will fade into nothing more than yesterday's delusions for a more
    enlightened future.

    WARNING: LogicalReality contains ideas that may seem extreme, unusual and
    even a bit unsettling. When you stop and think about it, what other
    response could anyone be expected to have to the in-your-face shock of being
    exposed to new and different concepts even if those concepts are more
    rational. Most of us have developed a certain level of comfort with what we
    have learned to believe and do not take well to having our personal
    delusions challenged.

    Practically everything on has been purposely designed to
    help you reconsider the rationality of what you have learned to believe. At
    LogicalReality our goal is to see beyond the current level of social
    irrationalism and outright crazy ideas so we can get a more realistic look
    at today's issues in the cool light of unbiased reason.

    Are you ready for a more rational view? Fasten your seatbelt and prepare
    your mind for a reality shock!