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  1. India may top coronary disease cases by 2020

    By Sanjeev Ahuja, in Gurgaon The Pioneer Friday, January 17, 2003

    The prevalence of Ischaemic heart diseases amongst Indians is very high and ranges between 7 to 12
    per cent amongst adults in urban areas.

    By year 2020, India will have more patients affected by heart attacks and angina than any other
    country in the world. Heart attacks and angina among Indians occur early, relatively at a young
    age, and is more severe and extensive, disclosed the leading cardiologist from DLF City Gurgaon,
    Col B Kalra.

    A risk factor is a condition that increases the chances of getting heart attack or angina. The
    well-established traditional risk factors only partly explain the high prevalence and deaths due to
    heart diseases in India. It is now known that a combination of new and old risk factors make Indians
    prone to heart attacks. Beside cholesterol the other risk factors are Homocysteine Lipoprotein,
    Fibrinogen, small dense Lipoprotein and some infections, explained Dr Kalra.

    Recent research and studies have shown that elevated levels of Homocysteine are associated with an
    increased risk of heart attacks. About one third of coronary heart patients have elevated level of

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