Bianchi C2C Via Nirone Alu-Carbon - 2009 guide price?


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Jul 12, 2010
Hi all,

I'm trying to sell my Bianchi C2C Via Nirone Alu-Carbon Road Bike, 2009 model year. It's in great condition but I'm not sure what to put it on sale for as I've had price suggestions between £600-800??

Can anyone give an accurate value or would anyone be interested in buying it?

Many thanks
Hey - plaining to head off bike touring for 3 months in south america around the start of november 2010. Thinking about starting in Columbia then heading south. Would like to do this trip with another person. Looking for someone that do'ent mind ruffing it , camping when possible. Also like to fit some hiking trips in there.
Anyone interested?
Also any feed back about bike touring in Columbia , Ecuador and Peru would be appresated.
Cheers patrick
I am touring this november and looking for the same a partner, but I am starting in Minnesota going down through mexico, boat over to Ecuador and continue down into peru. It would have been an intresting coincidence if it worked out.. sounds like we have the simular trip in mind. However my tour is going to be many months long I am taking my time in through colorado, sedona, california and mexico then to Ecuador.
good luck
Im planning on next year about the same time
if you are there already Id love to hear some recommendations
have lots of fun!
Hello Shaman,

this is a long shot, but i am in Guatemala looking for a partner to ride south with. Please see my add on ¨Crazy guy on a bike ¨ and write me if you are in the vivinity and interested.