Bianchi Eros Donna vs. Specialized Dolce? another girly bike thread

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Joanne (from Cape Cod)

Happy New Year, roadies. Long-time lurker here. I was injured in a
bike-car crash and can't train for a while and now I have time to

I am writing to ask for input in selecting my next bike. I am a 5'2"
female. I want a bike that is comfortable for a 50 mile ride and
nimble enough so I can keep up with my riding partners. I rode a
Bianchi Eros Donna for one season until it was destroyed in the crash.
I found the "women specific" geometry to be comfortable. I am
considering another Donna but am also looking at a more expensive
women-specific bike, the Specialized Dolce Comp. The Dolce Comp has an
aluminum frame and the Donna is steel. I have always ridden steel
frames (in fact, I have always ridden Bianchis) and have no idea if
I'd like an aluminum frame. What I am trying to figure out is why the
Dolce Comp is $500 more than the Donna (MSRP: $1790 vs $1250) and what
I'd be getting for the extra money. Any input, especially from someone
who has experience with both bikes, would be appreciated. Thanks in

-Joanne (from Cape Cod)

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