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I have recently purchased a Bianchi SL Lite Sloping with Daytona. The wheelset supplied with the bike is Bianchi Levitation Carbon/AL and although I think the bike is great (10 out of 10 in all areas), the wheels are giving me some problems. After only 200 miles the wheels have started to flex when climbing and sprinting enough to rub the brake blocks on both sides. I wasn't expecting this to happen as I'm only 61 kg and didn't do any bouncing about on the bike. As both wheels (front and back) have gone the same way I'm assuming its a problem with them and not me.

Anyone had the same problem and find the solution? ???
I have the same problem with my shimano wheels and would be interested in any solutions :mad:
It's not a problem. All paired spoke wheels are designed to move a little bit. It takes some tuning to get the blocks just far away enough for it to not scratch against it.

The reason for this is that the spokes have been designed to be a bit more "flexable" to handle the shocks it gets from the road. With the spokes being a bit more flexable as there are fewer to handle the preasure the spokes cause a bit more movement when climbing out of the saddle etc. ;D
The bianchi wheelset doesn't have paired spokes, just a low number of them! I've contacted Bianchi and they've been dead helpfull, I'm off to see a dealer to let them take a look. I'll let you know the result.
Gave up with the Bianchi wheels and bought a pair of mavics instead!

Bianchi wheels still sat in my shed, with Bianchi not offering much help.

Another rider I spoke to said that he had a similar probem and Bianchi gave him an 'updated' pair that were fine. Bianchi didn't know anything about this when I asked them.

Anyone with a similar situation?

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