bianchi record 843? need a help

Michal Mazur

New Member
Nov 3, 2014

I have a chance to buy Bianchi record 843, from 80's I thing. The guy want 150 euros, is it worth it? What do U thing? I'll be thankfull for any advise
Sure. I'ld toss $250-$300 at that in a heartbeat.

Ofmega or Campy spec version, both are worth restoring and the basic package of frame and components makes a very nice day tourer or classic sportive bike.

The picture you linked is a little lacking in detail, but the condition looks to be pretty good.
thanks campybob, I'm already a owner of this baby celeste:) I will try restore a bit, do U have any links where I can find something, besides ebay of course.

Where are you located (U.S.A., Europe or elsewhere?) and can you describe the brand and models of components on the bike and perhaps what you are looking for?

Post some close up and sharply focused pictures of the various parts on the bike if you can.

Congratulations on the purchase. While lacking in modern 20 or 22-speed gearing, that will make you an otherwise outstanding ride. Almost all the performance oriented Bianchi's were stable handling frames with geometry suited for both hour-after-hour comfort and speed. I hope that steel provides a lively and responsive ride for you.

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