Bicycle Bozkashi

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Dale, Mar 28, 2006.

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    It seems that my crazy biker friends are even crazier than I'd first
    suspected. Saturday saw the world'd first game of CARcass Polo.

    As you may know, or google, Bozkashi is the renowned Afghan pastime
    wherein horsemen compete in a game steeped in ritual and tradition
    but basically devoid of any meaningful rules. Think of a rugby scrum
    on horseback using a goat carcass instead of a ball and you'll start
    to get the picture. About the only limitations were not hitting your
    opponents with a stick and that you must remain on your bike. That's
    not easy to do while you're being dragged down field with your teeth
    sunk into your opponents' cardboard armour.

    In place of a goat we used an unwieldy ten kilogram effigy of a
    Humvee that was eventually totally destroyed. The largest remaining
    bit of it deposited back into the goal area determined the winner.
    The competition was a fierce yet netted only one minor scrape, a few
    bruises and two wheels whacked wonky.

    It was just part of the weekend's wild activities which included pie
    jousting on bikes and bombing Mt. Seymour on minis - in the snow.

    We had Dead Babies from Seattle and ZooBombers and Sprockettes from
    Portland joining us in the mayhem. They'll be back for more because
    they're all nuts too.