Bicycle Carrier For Car

@CampyBob, I'm going to experiment with putting my bike in my car before using the Saris rack. I'll resort to the Saris if I have to. Your advice is so sensible I've just got to give it a go.

I love the photo of the Fiesta! I vaguely remember them from my much, much younger days. I didn't realize the engine was notable. I looked up "Kent Engine" on Wikipedia and learned about it. There were Ford vehicles in my family at that time: notably, a Ford Maverick. There was also an older VW Bug...or was it a know, the warty thing with the air cooled engine? As far as I'm concerned the VW was higher quality than the Maverick, but didn't have the carrying capacity.

Did you take any photos of your Fiesta after it was loaded? I know, those were the Polaroid Land Camera days!

Thanks a ton

Quote by BC:
"Did you take any photos of your Fiesta after it was loaded?"

No, but I have some pictures of when I was!

Sadly, I lost a shitload of prints in a hasty divorce. Along with some vehicles, furniture, a house and some of my best underwear.

"I know, those were the Polaroid Land Camera days!"

Edwin Land was a genius!

I had a silver Fiesta, one in that weird 'flesh color' (well, flesh color if you're a white devil) and a yellow one that we re-sprayed in red. They were a very toss-able car. Sort of like a go kart, but with even less power. Their saving grace was they were fairly easy to work early front drivers went. Parts were pretty cheap and the boneyards were full of spare parts from wrecked and blown up units.

I threw one of my Gardin's in the back, gear for a month on the road, a hand box full of S-K Wayne tools and drove the silver one to Cottonwood, Arizona and back. I figured that if it took a **** on me somewhere in between Ohio and Arizona I would ship the tools back to my house in Ohio along with most of the gear and ride the bike on to Arizona. The Fiesta proved to be reliable bastards. They made a damned good bike rack.
Earlyish Fords have always been pretty good and easy to work with.

My MK1 Focus, while not that old but still goes along the same lines of ease to work on. Plus there are so many of them around that parts are very easy and cheap to come by. Working on it is easy too as you've just got the basic block under the hood, none of this plastic covering ****.

Absolutely swear by by earyish Ford's. Vauxhall's too but I doubt you get them over in the States.