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  1. Anything special about bicycle specific grease?

    i lit up a galois, sipped the last blue mtn, and turned to the bench
    with mozart on the box....

    Auto greases function over a broader temp range up to 300-defined as
    disc brakes heat, then chassis grease cold-cold as a cycle.

    I found that disc brake-chassis grease did not film thickly on rolling
    cold hub cones but what thickness is necessary? One assumes the legions
    of grease chemists at Lubriplate have this in hand but do they?

    Lubriplate, as an example or Dupont mil spec if going to the absurdity,
    have more chemists than P.Wood-rumoured to have one chemist in
    California-or Finish Line or pro Gold.

    Unless the spec cycle greasers bought the formula from the Lubriplate

    Or is it enough to look at the cookbook written by the giant's
    chemists, add special qualities-driving up costs to 4-5 times the
    Lubriplate tube costs-and supply to the specialty market for COLD

    Can A.Muzi recommending Lubriplate where you'll notice there are
    several grades for different climates, Mr. Muzi living in the general
    direction of the North Pole, and a maybe MIL SPEC aero version
    recommended by A.Muzi's resident bell ringer. Can A.Muzi afford
    Finish Line Teflon Grease??? Are LBS customer's knowledgeable to
    appreciate the possible differences between Lubriplate and FL? If any?

    And that leads to the possibilities of COLD MIL SPEC LUBES way superior
    to anything P.Wood can cough up: but which one?? There are several.
    Search to - products and manufacturers .
    I found global spec after discovering Valvoline Synthetic transmission
    oil 10-140? Finish Line Epic in the south Florida climate-the Valvo
    didn't leave the chain for the rim's brake surface:magic. If Valvo
    was good then someone was better.
    I bought FL caws the LBS said Tri-Flow was outdated technology and then
    Epic is deodorized like the kerosene yawl find in WD-40. The path is
    not scientific but it is typical.
    But the switch to Finish Line's teflon grease came with an MO to
    Nashbar and the finish line of the P.Wood nice green grease tube
    running empty. AND after using the FL Teflon/wax compound, vastly
    superior to other waxs. The oil must be as good.
    Is P.Wood superior to FL or? Objectively, I do not know butt after
    comment on this I was immediately insulted at the P.Wood website.
    Thanks, Phil, I appreciate the warmth.
    So, do cold specs bearing grease rule: YES! It's the disc brake
    thing. HOT. Bikes are cold. Something was sacxrificed here for the hot
    end. Does Lubriplate give a damn about your Saturn's cold start wear?
    Are cycle spec chain lubes better than.... NO. not always. The Valvo is
    proof. FL, either directly or turd hand strongly suggests: 1) I shake
    the Epic bottle more often, 2) use less oil-but to what end? More
    friction? Less throw off? Who knows? Who wants to know? And 3) I ride
    under a bus.
    Cost is irrelevant: how much grease does the average cyclist use?
    OK, you have 20 bikes. Bitch bitch If you have 20 bikes then you can
    afford a tube of $25 cold grease. Turn up the boomer, dance around and
    apply the $25 grease. Place the bearings into the mush-then turn the
    hub upside down...and the bearings stay in!! that's worth the price
    of admission.

    Put the tube in the fridge first.

    Another epistle from a non-expert.

  2. if this damn computer doesn't stpo btuchering my prose ima gonna burn
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