bicycle magazines

tchak attack

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Dec 3, 2004
Which bicyle magazines do you read? I subscribe to Cycle Sport it has exellent coverge of the pro European races and brilliant pictures, many times I will thumb through and look at the pictures and then read a coulple of articles. And I subscribe to Bicyling magazine, a more general geniric magazine but I do enjoy looking through it for information and tips.:)
Velo News is a great bi-monthly magazine. It's got great coverage of road and mountain bike racing as well as equipment reviews and such. I also like Cycle Sport, but prefer the more up-to-date coverage of Velo News. The quality of Bicycling has gone down so much recently. It's a total joke flipping through that rag.
IT is a toss up. I read VELO NEWS, AND pro cycling. Both are great Velo news is good for race coverage, while procycling is the best for stories on individual riders. I used to have subscription with Bici Sport out of Italy. and that very informative.:eek: