Bicycle Maintenance



Ok, so a bit of a newbie...
Just learning bike terms from well (or better) informed

I'm interested in doing my own bicycle maintenance
(ashamed to say I've never changed a tyre or tube and wouldn't know how if required...eek)

Can anyone suggest any good books on mtb (or general bicycle) maintenance?
Hi Cas.
I'm not sure of any good books, but why not ask away on the forum? I'm sure you will get much more specific answers from the members here. It's like having a book that's written just for you!
Welcome to the forum caroline :)

Here are some links that migh help;

I'm sure there are tons of better sites around, just try the search enignes

Dont forget this forum, just find a relevant category and post your question
Dont Worry Cass i couldnt change a tyre for ages i am a Mechanical Ignorumus, but i got inspired to learn and im slowly improving now tyre changing is easy onece you get the hang of it, have you got all the tools you need?

Tyre changing levers (i have plastic ones they clip together and they are good)
Tyre Repair kit
Also you could have a spare tube along to get it done even quicker and fix the damaged tube later at home or so.
Also iv found Glue on paches which you applie glue on are the best , (There are now self adheasive patches which are like a sticker) self adheasives are not too good and are not cheap.

Practice changing your tyre before you get a flat (which i did not do youw) Just takes some practice and it will then be easy

especialy if your as lucky as me i one got 2 flat tyres at once yeh. ;D
For some extra help, manuals and such, try this site:


Then click your way through to the 'repair' area.
The best bike repair book is the barnett's manual, but its pricey.
best bike repair book out there!

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