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Dec 3, 2004
Here are two poems that I wrote as a result for my passion for cycling...

What am I on?

People want to know what I am on...

What am I on? I'm on my sixty seven centimeter custom steel Rock

Lobster bicycle. I named it my giant green

road racicing machine. It's painted metalic

british racing green with yellow labels.

It has Mavic open pro rims with Michelin Pro Race Performance tires.

The sprocket, front deralier and brakes are Ultegra,

evrething else is Dura Ace. Ritchey stem. Ego power handle bar.

Sella Italia yellow leather saddle with titanium rails,

Look 296 racing pedals. Schimano flight deck; cordless and intergrated

in the hoods for finger tip trip information and stats!

Thompson titanium mountain post. Chris King threadless head set,

two Elite bottle cages, and a thirty cubic inch Pearl Izumi tale gate for

the bare minumim tools that are required when riding, cruzing, rolling,

free wheeling,climbing,moving,spinning,sprinting, crashing, dancing on

my pedals, pulling away from the peloton,

trying desperatly to rejoin the back end of the peloton after the Postal

Boys started a very fast tempo that has stretched the peloton long and thin.

Their speed is unrelentless...

they want to launch their Captain Lance Armstrong into orbit at the base

of Mount Ventox long before any other rider in this powerfull peloton does!!!!

about this poem

This poem was inspired a Lance Armstrong commercial...


Bike the drive.
It is fun.
Bike the drive
Like when you were a little kid
and you stuck your hand out
and said to your friend
give me five!

Bike the drive.
It is fun like running around in a playground,
swinging from swings,
flying a kite,
like when you were young
it helped make the whole world go round
bike the drive!

Bike the drive.
Just for the simple fact that you can.
Bike the drive.
Match or surpass the feeling you had when your parents took away the
training wheels from your first bike when you were five!
Bike the drive.
Rejoice you are alive!

About this poem:
June 15, 2003 the city of Chicago closes down Lake Shore Drive from 5:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m. to allow passage to over 12,000 cyclist of all types of shapes and sizes (that's people and bicycles!) I wrote this poem the night before while driving home thinking in my mind how much FUN I will have when I bike the drive with two freinds from work and 12,000 other people who are passionate about bicycles and cycling like myself.