Bicycle touring lights


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Feb 19, 2011

I was looking on some lighting solutions for using whilst making short bike trips about 5 hours or so. My main concern is actually to be seen by the cars on the road that tend to be speeding outside the city.
I dont go that fast on the bike and I also dont race so I dont really need some lights to illuminate the road ahead that much, I allready have a front headlight that seems to be fine for the use that I am doing.
But I would really like to feel that I am actually seen from the cars so I was thinking of getting some super-concentrated beam strobe lights.
I had a look and most bicycle lights manufacturers dont actually make strobe lights, they make flashing led lights. I also saw some HID bulb solutions and also some 2-part units (battery and lighting unit) which seemed to be very expensive and not for the use I want them for.
So I checked some flashlight manufacturers (fenix for instance) which do make strobe lights but I am not too crazy about their "aggressive strike bezel" etc... They seem to be more of an army-nut thing.
Does anyone know of a strobe unit that can operate with rechargable batteries (preferably the 1.2v NiMh ones) that can produce loads of lux, cdl, whatever, I actually want the bike to be visible from as far away as possible for about 5 hours per charge at least.

About the rear light I was thinking on a cateye TL-LD1100:

Its not a strobe but apparently it produces loads of light, in a wide-ish beam. Do you know of any rear red strobe lights?

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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
The tail light you mentioned is bright but there are now brighter ones like the Blackburn Mars 4 which will burn for at least 5 hours but Blackburn way over rated their burn time so don't go by what they say, a set of rechargeable AAA bats will last about 12 hours and reg bats about 15 hours steady and about twice that on flash.

Headlight wise you have a lot of choices, one I like is the Cygolite Mitycross 400 which uses a small external rechargeable battery that will run for about 8 hours on medium which is more then enough to see with at around 300 lumens, and will run for about 17 hours on low which is about 150 lumens. Cygolite's bat run times are very accurate by the way.

There are Xenon Strobe lights on the market but their not as bright as the Blackburn Mars 4 and others and the bats don't last any where near as long. One of the best strobes is made by Lightman, see this for more info:

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