Bicycle trailer flag or light pole


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Sep 9, 2012
First bicycle taillight and flag are interchangeable as long as there are some equipment or some way to attach my bike light at the end of the pole ; or perhaps even better there's a way to attach the light on top or below the flag, to have them both.

I have a bicycle trailer Burley Travoy and a taillight Blackburn Mars 4.0 which I both enjoy. I usually wear the bike light on my backpack as I'm also an inline skater and the light is higher that it would be attached on the seatpost, almost a foot higher! There's also trucks on the road with a higher cabin, and I'm much more afraid of trucks than cars. I enjoy my current setup.

However when I have the bicycle trailer on, my light is 2-3' further than usual ; and if a vehicle hit my trailer, it's pretty sure I'd fall of my bicycle and thus have a chance of falling toward the traffic instead of the safer side of sidewalk/parked vehicles/ditch. So having my light around the height of the trailer wheels instead of the bike back wheel would be safer ; or at least have a reflective flag. Attached are some ideas of how a flag could be installed on a dolly-like bike trailer, which in my case is the Burley Travoy.

Also a light on top of the trailer wheels would be better to be wide angle or 360 degrees as when one turn with a trailer, an angle form at the point of attachment ; similar to when a train take a curb. Attached are angles showing both turning side with a 2-wheeled bike trailer.

Also attached is a setup with a 360 degree light ; imagine a a 1' thick cutout from the shining part of a camping light, which would amount to a cylinder like a revolving restaurant flooded with light (from inside).

So the best setup I can think is the active part of a camping light at the top of flag straight up from the trailer wheels, the orange flag in my sample.

Thanks for helping me be safer when riding on my dolly-like bike trailer.