Bicycling Central-South Florida Highways


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Jun 16, 2013
I am planning a bicycle ride across Florida in a few months, from Sarasota to West Palm Beach area, then south to Key West. At this point, I'm considering using the following roadways: Route 70 from Braden River to Cypress Gardens. From there, taking a loop around Lake Okechobee, then Highway 710 to West Pakm Beach area. Haven't yet figured out best route from West Palm Beach to Key Largo, but hoping to avoid heavily congested urban areas if possible. I am familiar with the Florida Keys, which I have hiked previously. Planing to take ferry from Key West to Fort Myers, then bicycle back to Sarasota. Is anyone out there familiar with these highways (specifically Rts. 70 and 710) ??? Any advice or suggestions for alternate routes appreciated. Thanks


Jun 22, 2013
From, WPB you can go east to A1A and will have bike lanes and fellow riders for most of it. And drivers on that road are used to bikes since it's pretty much every morning and evening.. One down to the keys, Card Sound Road I see bikes on as well, but I would not say that the road is that safe. Cars speed by, sometimes at much higher then posted speeds.

Can;t really help you in Dade county as A1A ends in south Broward, hollywood area