Bicycling Insurance



Well after my accident and loss of my love (my bike :-*) ;) i thought about insuring my bike to cover it if it was damaged/stolen etc. but the prices are unbeleivable.

its aus $472 for a bike up to $5000 (my bike new bike will be $6000) a year and then there are heaps of exemptions like its not covered if your racing or in a competive event or if its stolen while its not locked up. + more. What do you blokes think of this? i mean it would be good to have as i could not afford another bike if it happend again but i think its too expensive and restrictive.
I heard if your in a club you pay for your insurance in your fee, :) I dont think it would be that much? but I am pretty sure it does not cover your Bike from theft, Check it out, I dont know forsure? I only heard About it while I was riding with a fellow rider. I hope this help? ???
Does your national governing body provide appropriate insurance? I would assume that they could either provide you with the insurance directly or advise you where you could get it ???.
Does your national governing body provide appropriate insurance?
not to cover bike damage or theft.

i know where to get it thats how i quoted the price ;) ::)
im still thinking about it but its so bloody expensive
British Cycling Federation do cover when u get ur liscence u have to select gold or silver etc a bit more expensive