Big rise in max heart rate


New Member
Feb 9, 2004
Hi, Having done a max heart rate test 2 years ago it was calculated at 196 max. I recently noticed that my heart rate during any training rides seemed higher than it normally would be. I dont feel any different infact my perceived effort at 170- 180bpm feels fairly easy. I did notice that on 2 occasions during club rides where it got a bit competitive on the hills I maxed out at 202bpm. Again although this was a hard but brief effort I didnt feel it was any different from previous max efforts at 196. Although I am 41 years old I have always kept myself fairly fit having been a keen triathlete at sprint distance. My heart rate has always gone up fairly quick but also drops quickly as well and I have a resting HR of 44bpm. This season I have been racing over 30 - 65mile races.
Has anyone got any possible explanation for this max HR increase. Is it a bad sign that my HR increases fairly quickly compared to some of the guys I train with? Should I be concerned?