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Al Kubeluis

Hi Bikers, For bents with down-sloping handlebars, as Bacchetta bars. To help keep hands from
slipping off bar. Put off-road bike handlebar grips on backwards. These grips have flexible disks at
top of grip, hence need to put on backwards. Just cut ends off grips and slide on. If LBS doesn't
have, Wally (Walmart) may. Been using for months and find helpful.
In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] says...
> Hi Bikers, For bents with down-sloping handlebars, as Bacchetta bars. To help keep hands from
> slipping off bar.

And why might I ask, is this a problem for you?

I have two bikes with downward pointing H/B. Even in the sweaty South, I have never found this a
problem. Even on rides with out gloves, my hands don't have any trouble griping the Bacchetta bars.

Cletus D. Lee Bacchetta Giro Lightning Voyager
- Bellaire, TX USA -
Neat idea, Al.

Here's a variant on the same concept:

I have a heavily-modified Pharobike, on which I've mounted a set of Evo Pro bars. Overall width of
the bars is important to me, because I need to fit the bike in a streamliner shell. So I cut about
2-1/2 inches of each end of the bar. This left just enough room to fit the brake lever and SRAM
Rocket shifter on, but with no extra handlebar beyond the end of the shifter.

The Rocket shifter grip is tapered, with the fat end inwards, and the grip material is fairly
hard... so slippage is a problem.

I considered making some sort of disc to plug into the end of the bar and rest my hand on much as
you describe, but it wasn't the best answer ergonomically. What I wound up doing was getting a roll
of a product called (IIRC) "Magic Tape" from the plumbing department at the local Home Despot.

This stuff is extremely stretchy rubber tape that does not have any adhesive on it per se. You
stretch it and it sticks to itself.

I wound a bunch of it around the end of the Rocket grip, building it up and making a sort of knob at
the end of the grip. My forefinger and middle finger are on the grip itself, while my ring finger
and pinky rest on the rubber tape. The built-up tape fits into my palm. Very, very comfortable.

I have a Mountain Drive, so there is no shifter on the left and I can use a regular grip. But I
found the rubber tape so comfortable that I did the same thing on that side too.


Andy Douglas MARS
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