Bike accident on American River Bike Trail Sunday - looking for info

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Bob Parkins

There was a bike accident this afternoon on the American River Bike Trail about 1/4 - 1/2mi from the
Sunrise bridge. It looked bad. When I rode up there were a lot of paramedics surrounding the victim
(female?) and she wasn't moving. There was a boy about 10ish that looked like he might belong

allow the paramedics space. On the return loop (maybe 20min later) the ambulance was still there and
didn't look like it was in a huge hurry to leave... hard not to draw conclusions about that. As I
went by I asked one of them if thinks everything would be ok, paramedic said he is pretty sure. I
hope he meant it. Anyways, I find myself thinking and worrying about a fallen comrade. Was there
anyone else there or does anyone have any more info about this person's status?
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