Bike Across Florida - April 1, 2007 (152 miles - Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico)

CJ Smith

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Sep 11, 2006
Bike Across Florida video can be seen here:

My extensive review (18 pages worth in MS Word) has been posted in this forum under "Road Racing".

It was a great day, not much went wrong, but what did was significant enough to disturb many on the ride. Next year will be better. I am confidant about that.

Before I end this post, I will list just two points of stuff that went awry....

A1. Originally announced (according to many others) as an event of 171 miles.

A2. When I found out about it, I heard it to be 160 miles and 165 miles in length, depends on where you went to read about it.

A3. The night before the ride, at packet pick-up time, I was told the ride was doctored down to 142 miles.

A4. My experience of the event proved (via a Cateye Mity 8 bike computer) to have been 152 miles in length.

B1. Start time according to the map provided was to be at 6:45 AM

B2. Flip the map over and you have a list of directions. On it there is printed an "estimated" start time of 7:00 AM

Hope you liked the video...

Best Regards,

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