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The show is up and amazing to see!! Don't miss this if you are going to be around for the Wachovia
USPRO Championship Race. One block from the course.

Neighborhood Bike Works (NBW) gave local artists a challenge:

What can you make from this junkie pile of bike parts in our basement?

It started as a tangled, broken, pile in the NBW workshop at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in West
Philadelphia. From the same starting point, artists took their work in all directions. Here is the
result. You can see a bike zombie and a 'Time Machine' as well as jewelry and furniture.

It is not often you go to an exhibit where the participating artists so widely vary in artistic
background. We are showing work by well known, Isaiah Zagar, in the same exhibit as emerging
performance painters, Charles Barbin and Ben Howard who you can see painting at Swanky Bubbles on
Monday nights. You will find work by Joe Tiberino, another Philadelphia gem, exhibited side by side
with, art-world-unknown, Leland Mayne. Pieces range from the simplistic beauty of a rusted bike
chain (Alison Orendach) to a fountain complete with steam and lights (Roger VanDragt).

Please look around and come back for the fundraising auction on Saturday, June 7th at 1:00 pm.
Philadelphia's finest non-profit auctioneer, Todd Kimmell, will lead the event, auctioning these
pieces as well as a number of bicycle-related offerings including a guided bike ride led by
well-known area cyclist and ride leader, Bill Cotton, and complimentary passes to the June 27th
Mural Tour by Bike, sponsored by the White Dog Cafe.

All proceeds benefit NBW, a nonprofit youth development program in West Philadelphia, which create
opportunities for neighborhood youth through bicycling. For information on NBW's Earn-a-Bike
programs or summer camp, call 215.386.0316, or

Pictures of some pieces are available at
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