Bike As Only Vehicle On A $550 Budget Advice


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Aug 31, 2015
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I'm looking to get rid of my Wal-Mart hard tail MTB comfort bike that was given to me for free and upgrade to something a little more durable to be my only wheeled transportation. My average speed on my current bike is 15-20 mph depending on traffic and elevation. I'm a Clydesdale - 6' / 240lbs (target weight is 180ish). I ride 100% on roads and paved bike paths, and my only other form of transportation is walking. So, I need something reliable to go from home to work, grocery store / farmer's market, and near by social activities. I will be riding in all kinds of weather, including rain & light snow. Most of my rides are under 10 miles round-trip currently, but I would like to take the new bike on 20-40 mile fitness rides on my days off because I'd like to bike more and trail jog less.

My budget is $550 (pre-tax) and a majority of that is a gift card to a Performance Bike. So, I'm pretty much stuck shopping at Performance. I've only ever ridden MTBs, but I'm not attached to them. I need something with fenders and a rack, or that I can add both to.

I'm considering the GT Traffic 2.0 w/ a rack because of the wider 700x40c tires, fenders, and what seems like a longer wheelbase compared to road bikes in my price range. There is also a 20% back in Performance points through the end of the month that will help with a better light & panniers.

Am I making a huge mistake? Is there something better suited to my needs at Performance in the same price range?


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May 19, 2015
It sounds like you know exactly what you want, I don't see any thing that jumps out at me as a "don't buy this bike!"
There are some cheap road bikes on that site, but it sounds like you want to go with a commuter.

I find with online stores you can normally negotiate with them.
Call them up, say you are on the fence about buying from them or from say pricepoint.
Perhaps they can toss in a free pair of gloves!

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