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    May 12, 2010
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    G'day fellow cycling enthusiasts. Quick intro. I'm a 37 yo aussie living in the UK and am currently considering upgrading my ride. I've have a Bianchi Alu SL3 which I've had for years and bashed to death on longer rides + every day commuting around London. It Keeps you out of the underground tubes, however the pot holes can be brutal.

    I'm 6 ft and around 210lbs and to reward myself for 6 months of brutal training to get back in shape am considering one of the following:

    1. 2009 BMC pro machine SLC with shimano ULT group set OR
    2. 2010 Bianchi Infinito Athena, which comes wih the 11 spd camp athena group set.

    May seem a little crazy one italian sportivo type cruiser and a swiss type machine, however any thoughts and or opinions on either machine would be warmly received.