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Apr 10, 2020
Hey everyone,

Hoping to get some advice for buying a bicycle. Presently I have my heart set on getting a bicycle from Detroit Bikes (not to be confused with the much more posh Detroit Bicycle Company) and was hoping to get some advice.

I'm debating between the U.S. Chromoly A Type and the U.S. Chromoly Cortello.

I live in there burbs and have some shops I can visit that are a couple miles away (once this virus situation clears up). However I would also like to explore some light trailriding. I don't think I'll be using the basket rack all that often but who knows?

What are your thoughts? If you were in my shoes which one of the two would you get? Finally, here's the site:

Thanks for any help!

Chromoly Cortello for its versatility. Chromoly A for its style and comfort for round the town jaunts. You can easily ride the Cortello around the town even though its states it is for trails. The A brings me back to my early child hood days. While my Dad would wash/wax his car I would wash/wax my bike.
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It’s really your call. Are you planning to ride yourself sweaty regularly, get the Cortello. Are you hoping for casual rides, more like a stroll than a hike, get the type A.
Type A would be more user-friendly in bad weather since it has fenders. But it looks like the Cortello has eyelets and room to have fenders retrofitted if the need would arise.
The A model has some sort of special hub. Is it a self adjusting gear type? I read some reviews on the hub and there seemed to be problems experienced by users. I'd go with the switch my own gear type of a bike. Sometimes too much tech is not a good thing.

Plus, that big hump on the top tube would be a problem for me. Not into crushing the nutty buddies pleasure thing. :D

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