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Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Itchy-Tichy, Aug 29, 2007.

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    I posted this over in the Equipment section, but I figured that I would also post it here to see if anyone could give me some info.

    I'm currently building up a Banchi San Lorenzo frame that I bought off the internet and have been looking at groupsets. When I did a search for Campagnolo Record on Ebay it came up with a listing for a new Motobecane LE Champion SL Team. I did a search on this forum and read that they are mass-produced off-brand bikes from Asia. The interesting thing about this one for me, however, is that it comes with a full Campy Record groupset, Ritchy WCS Protocol wheels, and a Ritchy WCS OS bar/stem combo. All of this for $1850.

    My question is is this legitimate or some kind of Ebay scam? I ask b/c that seems insanely cheap for a bike with those components. For that price I will end up buying the bike and then strip off the groupset, wheels, and bars and put them on my Bianchi frame.

    This is the link to the ebay listing:

    Any info from anyone that has bought from this seller would be appreciated.