bike clothing FS cheep



Cleaning out the closet of stuff I don't/can't wear anymore...

Prices do not include shipping unless you buy four or more items

All jerseys are short-sleeved unless otherwise noted.

1. "Large Hardware" brand all-cotton cycling jersey. White logo
silscreened on one arm; rest of the jersey is blank. Forest green,
some fading from shop window location. Size mens' medium. Three rear
pockets, one of which zips shut. Shopworn but otherwise new. $10

2. Same as above, in Maroon. $10

3. Long's Cycling all-wool jersey, Itailian made, Euro size 5 (meaning
you'd better be a guy to make this work; not made for a woman's
chest). Received as a gift, tried on, found it to be a little tight.
Beautiful Wine-Red color with white pinstriping at collar and cuffs.
Logo-free. $20

4. Oregon MS150 1999 Fundrasing award jersey (It's true; I raised over
1,000 bucks for this ride), size mens' medium. I hung onto it for as
long as I could but now it doesn't fit. Truly garish design, bright
screaming yellow with dollar signs, trees and little covered bridges
all over the thing. I got this, took one look at it and shuddered. I
think I wore it twice and then put it in a drawer. But it's in great
shape and would be a good jersey for someone. $5

5. Pearl Izumi "tribal biker" jersey. Size mens' medium. Blue, green,
tan and brown; design is still a bit loud but not nearly as
frightening as # 4. Excellent condition. $8

6. League of American Wheelmen jersey. Pre-name change; bright
galucoma yellow with blue trim and reflective striping on sleeves and
backside. For nighttime summer riding you can't go wrong. Tag says
mens' large but it fits more like a really comfy medium. This one is
used, with a little pilling but overall in good shape. $5

7. Dark grey sweater. No pockets, button placket, medium weight. From
some European army but I don't know which country. Good condition, has
a few school-glue spots which can be removed at your dry cleaners.
Wool blend (not sure what percentage). Fits like a roomy adult medium,
sleeves plenty long. $15

8. Hooded "Staff" sweatshirt from Community Cycling Center, Portland
OR. Grey w/red bike rider logo front and back. A very roomy adult
medium. $5

9. Park Tool sweat shirt, not so roomy adult medium. Nearly new,
received as gift and wore perhaps five or six times. Made of the
heavier, good fabric that you find in college-issue sweats. $10

10. Burley design baseball cap. New. Dark grey cotton with yellow
"Burley" across front. $10

I am willing to negotiate if you want to buy all or most of the pile.
Please reply offlist, thanks much --Beth