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Hi guys,

What experiences (good or bad) have you had with high-end bike computers? What do these devices not do that you think they should? What more for the sake of training would you like to see these units offer? In your opinion, what features would a no-holds-barred product offer?


I'm yet to see a cycloputer that can be configured to display three pieces of info at the same time.
Take a look at this CatEye Mity3 for e.g.:

It's displaying current speed and average speed. In the bottom left hand corner, all that LCD space is wasted to display an 'S'? Why not add another piece of info in there, like the distance. That would give the cyclist three crucial pieces of info in one glance. It should also be programmable. If I want to see distance, time and average speed in one go, there should be such an option.
I know you get those enormous cycloputers that shows you everything at once, but they're about as big as a cellphone!
Also, surely technology has progressed far enough to incorporate some form of 'download' capability? I get all my info from my HRM, but why not have it on a cycloputer too?

So, my dream cycloputer would be:
  • Not too big (like that Panorama thingy)
  • See three pieces of info at the same time
  • Be able to programme the computer as to what info you want to see
  • Have a simple HRM
  • Download capabilities
  • Once I cross the finish line, a button that will stop all recording for that race or training session
My dream computer already exists, the Polar S710. HR, speed, cadence, and watts. What more can you ask for? Maybe if they could put in altitude, temperature, incline %, wind direction, and wind speed, then it would be just perfect.

My current pute, the Astrale, just BROKE on me. I put in a new battery acouple of months ago, but the computer just went blank! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
the S710 does have altitude and temperature and you can figure gradients out by downloading the data into your pc
I like Sigma computers - got all the normal stuff and have a stem mount! Great for putting those tribars on without interfering with the computer. I also ride with my hands close to the stem and find the computer gets in the way....

Heart rate monitors/computer combos are trick though!
VO2. The S710 gives you several displays. But NOT the simultaneous ones I want. :'( I would like to see "time elapsed", "average speed", "distance covered", and "average HRmax" all at the same time. All computers seem obsessed with showing "current road speed" which is nice but not very important if you have the other info.
I used the Sigma BC1400. Nice computer, easy to use and a big center display (unfortunately only km/h or mph). The option is there to use a cadence meter. I bought myself a Polar S510 recently. Great HRM/computer to use, but it takes some time getting used to.

The big panorama type computers are not that nice. I looked at them, but, no go! The stuff look nasty and out dated.
Both the Performance and Bike Nashbar catalogs have lots of bike computers listed, as well as comparison charts for them.

Other bike computer sites:

The computers I use are from the following manufacturer:

They are available from Performance or Nashbar.
Inagine a handlebar mounted computer that gives speed, above/below average, ave time, distance, time, Heart rate data, temperature, birthdays, alarm clock. timezones. flight times, cellular phone, email and internet as well as a built in GPS!!!! You will then be able to position yourself spatially during and after a race. Pity though the trailer to transport the battery or the 2mx1m solar panels will be too bulky!!!!

Keep those wheels spinning and keep it simple!!!!

Big H
I replaced my Mitty 3 with a Flightdeck this weekend and sofar I'm hooked. It is a bit bigger but with its L-shape bracket, it fits over the stem. I always had to look at my cluster to check in wich gear I was or to see if it actually did shift, thanks to the smooth shifting. But now everything is infront of me. And because the buttons are intergrated into the brake levers, I never have to take my hands off the hoods aswell. Another nice thing is that it automatically calculates your cadence by checking wich gear you are in and what speed you are travelling.

Campy also got there own called the Ergobrain. It does basically the same thing but unfortunatly gets its cadence info from the old fashion magnet and sensor. To use this feature you need Campy pedals aswell because the magnet is embedded in the left pedal spindle.

Both are brilliant, do check it out.
Mampara, I agree with you. ;)
I use a Flightdeck aswell and it makes things much easier.