Bike concept


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Jan 24, 2017
I am a student involved in a project in which we are working to develop a new design concept for a bike, I could use your help by taking a survey that will help us know what areas/ aspects/ features you think we could focus on making improvements. Please take 5 minutes and give some input by taking the survey at the link shown here:



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Sep 16, 2003
One of the questions in the survey is if one would like a bike that can become both a road bike and a MTB.

I've gotta say, that looks kinda clueless to me.

What are you thinking?

How much riding have you done?

For a casual/occasional level of riding there already ARE two kinds of bikes that'll manage this.

Set up a CX(cyclocross) or a MTB XC(cross-country) bike with a double crank, a wider-than-average gearing ratio and two different wheelsets (one with wide treaded tires, one with narrow slicks) and they'll both do road/off-road
w/o totally embarrassing themselves - if the XC bike has a lock-out suspension.

But it doesn't take that much before riding the CX on rough terrain becomes seriously punishing.

And if you spend important amounts of time around/above 40kmh/25 mph, the XC bike will soon become literally a drag.

So it sounds like what you want to invent either already exists, or is very, very technically difficult.

If MTBs could be made as slick, light and aerodynamic as road bikes they'd look like that already. They're not big and chunky for the sake of being big and chunky.