Bike concept


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Jan 24, 2017
I am a student involved in a project in which we are working to develop a new design concept for a bike, I could use your help by taking a survey that will help us know what areas/ aspects/ features you think we could focus on making improvements. Please take 5 minutes and give some input by taking the survey at the link shown here:

Nov 7, 2016
I've completed the survey, but some of the choices don't appear to include enough variations. Your first question has options for - Mountain Bike; Road Bike; Trail Bike; Mountain and Road; None- but doesn't include Mountain and Trail ... or Road and Trail.

The question - What features do you enjoy about your current bike? - isn't very clear. Outside of the frame, wheels, components, and accessories, what do you define as a 'feature'?

The next question is somewhat strange without a frame of reference - What are some things you personally would like changed on your bike? - What do you mean by this?

Same again with - What features would make your bike ride more enjoyable?

Are the above related to the suggestion, in the next question, that you are looking to design a dual-purpose road/MTB - Would you like to own one bike that can transition into both a road and a mountain bike?

It might be better to expand on your concept first so that people responding have a better idea of what you are looking to develop. If you are working on a design concept to make a combined road/mountain bike, then it may be best to say this.

TBH I think this may already covered by hybrids and some commuter models, but would be interested to hear more about your concept. :)