Bike Cover For Rear Rack


Dec 14, 2010
North Carolina
I am trying to find some sort of cover for my bikes while I am carrying them on a rack on the back of my Subaru Forester. I want to protect them from rain, dirt, road grime, etc. when traveling long distances. I'm not finding anything I really like. Anyone have any experience with a cover or come up with a homemade solution?
Checkout your local custom tarp makers. Truck drivers can tell you where the tarp makers are located in your area. They can provide built-in draws strings, attachment grommets, etc.

You might get lucky and find a cheap outdoor grill cover that is sized to fit your needs, but the constant 60-70 MPH wind will make short work of anything light weight.
Tarp would work as long as it is fastened down well and not catching air. You might need to strap the tarps on pretty snug so there aren't poxkets where the air can get in and start ripping them.