Bike Culture captured in new film

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    "UNLIMITED" by engages some of the best outdoor athletes in the New World, breath
    taking cinematography and an exhilarating sound track to craft "a New Kind of Action" constituted
    from "Clean Oxygen Fed Sport."

    Featuring music by Sum41, Roch Voisine, Dean Batstone and Drastik, and the talent of fifty-seven
    world class athletes in twelve sports.

    "True Soul" - Explore Magazine

    "Fun, Fluid and exhilarating." - Running Times

    "Spirited and Energetic." - Ski Trax and Pedal Magazines

    "very impressed with the quality of this production, its modern, lively pace and the exceptional
    beauty of its images... friendly experience of nature and ... showing the elitist character of the
    sporting activities." - National Capital Commission

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.