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Oct 23, 2002
I'm currently to put a bike together (on paper that is :) ), but i'm having some problems deciding on stuff like what brand/type of handlebar etc.<br /><br />Are there any sites (apart from that have information/tests of cycling equipment? <br /><br />Most cyling sites i find only talk about the people and the races, but hardly any have interesting reading about equipment :-\<br /><br />
I enjoy going onto They have a section Project One where you design your own bike. Various components, colours etc. You can even write your own name or slogan on the bike. The only thing is that the frames are only Trek, but afterall those are the best frames on the market ;).<br /><br />It's nice to dream, as the bikes works out to be very expensive in South African Rand. They are also busy upgrading that part of the site and should be up in a couple of weeks.
Well, i'm not really looking for a site where i can 'build' a bike..<br /><br />I'm just looking for more information on different parts, like what brand/type of handlebar to choose, which pedals etc. There is not a lot of information available about the difference in components (at least i didn't find much)<br /><br />
Have you had a look at ?<br /><br />There are a lot of component reviews from readers there.
Sorry if you've already tried thiss, but did the Google thing and came up with a site called _reviews which has a list of review sites. looks good (as well, obviously, as but you've no doubt seen that one)<br /><br />What are you thinking of so far?
Ok, sorry, was misled by the Gearhead sight. Minimal reviews, best stick to
If you're looking for reviews of components, rather than complete bikes, try:<br /> and click on TECH<br />also:<br /> and click onTECH TALK<br />

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