Bike Fit Happiness

Yes, my cycling is improving, and I think I'm making use of leg muscles I didn't "know about" with the combination of finally using my SPD cleats and having the seat post raised considerably (it was far too low prior to the bike fit and was stressing my knees) and also having a new stem installed which offers a different angle. Hills are a mite easier for me now. I still notice small hills but it feels like topping them is a lot easier.

Thanks a ton

It's amazing the difference it can make getting everything professionally sized and adjusted. A very knowledgeable friend of mine who's been repairing bikes for years took me through the same process when I first started getting into riding more seriously. I was surprised at how multiple little tweaks and modifications can add up to a big difference in comfort and overall performance :)
This is the first time I've heard of the bike fit. Obviously, we don't have it here because bike stores are just stores and attendants are just attendants. But I've seen one in the bike festival where the owner was manning the booth. I guess those kind of a bike store can give advice on that bike fitting. The only fitting I know is the saddle although I seldom adjust my saddle because I am the only one using my bike. But I agree that adjustments can make a difference to the riding.
Great job gettting a bike fit OP, they change your riding life.

Here's an incredible site that helps explain what bike fit is. I would not invest in any new bike without a bike fit. It's the most important aspect, not just clearing the top bar with your special purpose, but actually fitting your body to the bike.

How to Fit a Road Bicycle
I'm glad to hear it, and that you overall cycling experience has improved so much. There was a knowledgeable assistant at one of the local bicycle shops, but he is no longer working there. The other assistants there don't have a clue about adjusting my bike for fitness, they're just there to pick up the pay check.
I'm not sure it qualifies as a professional bike fitting, but a friend I ride with, who works in a bike shop, and is very knowledgeable, made adjustments on my bike to fit me. I feel like it made a big difference in my riding.
I found that my cycling improved dramatically once I had my bike made for me. If you think about it, our bodies are all different and this means that it very much stands to reason that every bike should be different too. It is an absolute joy to ride for me now (even more so than before) and I just know that I will be able to enjoy cycling for a number of years to come!
Nice man! I noticed that my biking improved a lot and you should always get a professional bike fit. The difference may surprise and you and in this case it did haha!
Great. You are a very lucky one. Never got the chance to have a professionally bike fit for me. It does make such a difference eh?
Riding around a bike suited only for you. It's like part of you now.
Glad it improved greatly your perfomance.

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