Bike fit help


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Jun 20, 2014
Hello I been having back pain when riding for about 4 years now I tweak a good position before got a hamstring injury and thought it was the fit change so i changed it back and i forgot the bloody measurements and I'm trying to find it ever since.. Basically if I use my glutes in the pedal stroke it will prevent pain in the back as I use to really flexed in the low back very posteriorly tilted pelvis. Now I'm further back i can rotate my pelvis more which is still been better but I'm not feeling my glutes work. When I was super comfy with the position I had my glutes felt like they had a work and my back was pain free.. I'm starting to think I'm to far back and got to a point where the glutes wont work, perhaps I maybe 1cm / 1.5mcm to far back.. I have big saddle height to bar drop as that rotates the pelvis more and uses the glutes more does anyone have experience with this sort of knowledge if being to far back will eventually stop the glutes from working?

The only things that were changed were saddle height and foraft

I am long torsoed shorter legs, although I still have long legs.. 6 ft 3

With the position I was really comfy in my upper body was unweighted as if my upper body was to push the pedal down.
Center of gravity was great was flying around the corners
And feeling of glutes working makes my back pain vanish

My low spine erectors have been built up due to recruiting them in the pedal stroke so perhaps from some knowledgeable will know that if the glutes are being worked the back doesn't have to get involved?
You can be too far in the back seat. Try moving the saddle forward until you find that you're putting too much weight on your hands. Then move it back to where it was.

Has anything changed with your handlebar or stem?
Nope, the changes i've made now are, saddle forward 1cm, remove a spacer, now slammed much more lent over so glutes can be on a stretch and engage now horizontal to the ground when in the drops
I had trouble with my back over the winter but came across a trainer where I live that released a program called core training for sport. I downloaded his 9 free workouts and found the stabilization workouts in there really helped get rid of my back pain.

If your interested you can download them here.