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    Jan 13, 2014
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    I'm looking for some help and insight into buying a new bike for an upcoming cross Canada trip happening this June. I've currently been looking at a couple different bikes and brands and I'm running into sizing issues (5ft female, 70cm inseam). And I'm also hoping for some kind of miracle bike that can do it all. We'll be traveling mostly by road but it would be nice to have something that could handle trails as well (though this is proving to be unlikely). I've been recommended the Oxygen Lo from Rocky Mountain, but I prefer disc brakes and I've also been looking at the Salsa Vaya 3, but it seems it might need a few upgrades on an already pricey bike. The Kona Sutra and Rocky Mountain Sherpa are of interest but the stand over is at least 5cm too high. Can someone please help a girl out? I would love some advice to help point me in the right direction! Thank you!