bike for cycling across canada


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Jul 21, 2010
hi there,
I am cycling across Canada next May, 6500km, yet i can not decide on what bike to get. I have been looking at some Dawes bikes, and the Trek 520, and have visited many different cycle shops. however, the cheapest any of them have offered me is £1250. I am not looking for a top of the range bike, merely one that is stable and reliable.

Any suggestions???

hey there, i have a 600 pound dawes 2010 model, did 3000 kms summer gone, good bikes, take spare brake pads , im thinging of the same sort of trip next year too, maybe a bit of alaska too
Hi. Hope you enjoy your Canada tour. If were you, I'd consider buying a bike in Canada. Canadian companies like Kona, Norco, Rocky Mountain, Devinci and Marioni all make excellent touring bikes, and plenty of imports are available at competitive prices. Certainly, you don't need to spend 1,250 pounds here. On a recent shopping trip in in Ottawa, I saw a Devinci Caribou 1, a Jamis Aurora and a KHS TR-101, all on clearout for about $1,000 Cdn each, and a Raleigh Sojourn for $890. Why pay double in Britain and then have to worry about shipping it over?

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