bike for my wife...Felt FW3?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by shming123, Aug 13, 2007.

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    May 1, 2004
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    I'm considering the Felt FW3 for my wife. The only thing that concerns me is that its a double (compact double). Would she be able to get up the hills ok on a compact double and like a 12-27t cassette? Or is triple the way to go? I can get this bike new for a discount, that's why i'm considering it. Or i'm looking at a new Trek 1600wsd, or a used 2007 Dolce.

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    Aug 31, 2003
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    Can't say. Don't know how strong your wife is, how steep and long are the hills you intend to climb, and how fast you intend to push her. I'm in favor of compact doubles, but that's because when I started riding compacts weren't available and triples were only for those who intended to carry 30 lbs. of gear. You are definitely right to lose the 11-tooth cog, though. Even with a 50 up front, it's a leg-breaker.

    I've got a Felt F5C and I think Felt makes terrific bikes for their price point. The component specs are sensible and the frame geometries tend toward sportiness, two qualities I highly favor.
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    I would be more concerned about the bike, wheel and crank sizes. Do they fit her? ;)

    My GF rides a Felt F100, 47cm frame, 650c wheels, 165mm cranks. The cranks need to be changed to 160mm to give her the proper fit. ;)