Bike for really BIG kid?


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Dec 15, 2002
Hi:<br /><br />Hope you can help. I have a HS freshman at home who is 6' 5&quot; and weighs 240+ pounds.<br /><br />Would like some recommendations on manufacturers whose products will definitely support a 250+ pound rider and withstand the reasonable pounding of neighborhood riding and back and forth to school, practices, etc.? Trust me, he KNOWS he can no longer abuse any bike and have it run when he needs to go somewhere. <br /><br />Any other special features I should be interested in? Front shocks? Shock absorbing seats? Specific wheel material or strength? Tire size/tread? Anything else that might lessen the impact of such a heavy rider on a bike?<br /><br />Thanks in advance for your experienced response.<br /><br />dave snyder
Have you considered a getting a custom frame made up? Although a bit more expensive than an off the shelf bike the builder should be able to make it strong enough to handle the abuse.<br /><br />Again for wheels you could get custom wheels built with strong aero rims and heavy gauge spokes or even mountain bike rims running really skinny MTB tyres.<br /><br />i'm assuming you are talking about a road bike here?

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