Bike Gear + Wet Suit Lost


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Oct 28, 2012
Hey guys,
I've left my bike bag that had my shoes, helmet and wetsuit all in the parking lot under the harbour bridge area in birkenhead/northcote point in Auckland.
If anyone found it or know any information please be in contact with me by private message
Thank you

edit : Bahjet I edited your message so that your telephone number that you posted isn't showing.
It isn't a good idea to post your telephone number publicly.

I can re-edit your post to include your telephone number if you wish.
Thanks Limerickman


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Jun 10, 2004
I very extremely and intensely suggest emphatically you remove your phone number and email from your post and ask people to PM you if they know something about your lost gear. Having that info out in the open is just asking for unsavory people to do unsavory things to you.