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Dec 26, 2018
Hi guys! I want to purchase some bike lights (front & rear) for my night rides. I'm looking for any recommendations. I found a brand called Nightprovision they seem to have some good reviews. Or if anybody could recommend me any other brand I would appreciate it, Thanks!

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Depends on what model you speak of and what your needs are. I see Nightprovision in different models and prices from $27 up to $130.

What level and/or price range are you looking for?

I picked up some Cygolites a few years ago. Didn't know much about them and bought them on a whim at a bike shop. paid about $75 for a front and rear combo. I think the prices have gone down over the last couple years.

Anyway, I got the Cygolite Metro 300 and they work darn fine. Pretty bright! If I had known at that moment there were higher models I would have gotten one but this was spur of the moment at a bike shop.

Anyway, the lights are freaking bright anyway! I have had vehicular traffic flash their brights at me, usually meaning the headlights are to bright. Once a cyclist heading the opposite direction shouted out that he needed lights like mine.

Metro 300, not sure of the prices now but must be low.

The 500 is about $30 and 700-850 are about $50- $60. Front and rear combo for about $90

Again, I'm using 330 and it's bright. I have a bud who had a $200+ dollar set up with the huge bottle battery and all. We went for a night ride through the mountains and my 300 was just as bright as his set up. He was impressed and said he was thinking about getting one as they are much more convenient that wasting a bottle cage.

Plus I love the USB charging. Nice and simple, easy!

Have 2, one for wife and one for me as we ride often at night. Good enough to where I do not see the point of upgrading to a 700 unless these break.

I see the Nightprovision has a double light for $80. IMO, I would not go that route. I would rather get 2 singles. We ride our tandem at night as well and with the two singles, I am able to point one down a bit to light up the immediate road and one straight ahead to see a bit further. I like this better than 2 fixed in same position. Yes, we have cars flash us when we blind them so one must be conscious about angles when installing them on the bikes. Easy clamp and bolt designs.

Link to Amazon Cygolites


Aug 2, 2012
Den09, other night riders,

I have a light system I haven't used for a while, and doubt I will again. It uses 3 sealed lead acid batteries (each slightly larger than a 'D' cell, and gave 6V) that hanged in a bag that fit onto your top bar and came with a charger, and two individual lights that mounted to your handlebar. When both lights were used it was about 1/2 the effectiveness of a single car headlight (very effective for a bike) I used only one to give several hours of run time. If anyone is interested e-mail me at my handle here, at gmail.