Bike lock advice


Feb 27, 2023
someone suggest me a good bike lock which is strong and cant be broken easily
i was thinking bout those chain locks with the rubber / fabric sleeve on them
i dont rly care about weight i just want my bike to be impossible to steal
Kryptonite I think. For budget, Rockbros would be decent. Both of them have bike chain locks.

The problem with chain locks or even U-locks is they're heavy.

If you're going to use your bike in long rides, I suggest you DON'T leave the chain or u-lock on the frame or whatever part of the bike while riding your bike. It will cause wear damage on the frame or even put small dents and scratches on it even if the chain lock has rubber or fabric sleeve over it. The fabric/rubber sleeve wears off over time, exposing the metal portions of the chain to rub against the bike. It can damage all kinds of frame material, from steel to carbon. Worst possible damage with carbon frame. So put the lock on a bag that's isn't banging on the bike if you're doing a long ride with the bike.

Personally, I just use steel cable lock encased in rubber tube. It's far less likely to damage the frame. It's not as secure as chain lock....But nobody's going to steal my ugly, dirty, rusty, greasy, dirt cheap, old-looking bike if I park it next to yours!:p:p
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