bike lock design


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Jan 10, 2011
My names jon and i am doing my final piece of my BSc product design course at the university of portsmouth.
My concept idea for my course is to have a new security system that is permeanantly attached to a part of the bike and this system will have an alarm and GPS for if the bike is stolen

what i really need is anyone to fill out my short survey so that i can change my designs accordingly.
here is a picture of concept ideas that i currently have been working on:


Thankyou for your time


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Dec 1, 2010
I don´t see any survey or link to it in your posting, but this is what I believe is at least some of the experiences gathered from threads about alarmed locks and U-locks in various fora:

1) An alarmed U-lock should be disarmed the moment you have turned the key in the lock (an alternative is a remote) and not when you remove the shackle, since you have no idea what triggering state it is in (has anyone been tampering while you were away?), when you come back to it. If the alarm is in a high triggering state when you begin to remove the shackle and the alarm is not disabled before you have removed it, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.
2) It must be impossible to cover up sound holes in an alarmed lock.
3) Sound holes in an alarmed lock must be placed so that water doesn´t collect and seep into them. That includes taking into account the possibility of water "creeping" along surfaces. That can be avoided with time-proven design solutions.
3) There has to be at least one hole that condensation can evacuate from, in an alarmed lock, so that electronics are not ruined.

Regarding the GPS feature for theft-prevention: is that enough? I have seen solutions for tracking and theft-prevention that are not bigger than a matchbox, and which also can be detected with UHF equipment, when you have used GPS to get the area the device can be found in:

Others can probably chime in with even more ideas.....