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Oct 25, 2009
I would just like to know the ins and outs of getting into the bicycle mechanic industry.. I've been building and repairing bikes for years but am not quite confident enough to stroll into a bike shop and say that i am a 'mechanic', maybe this is my problem.. any thought?

Thanks alot..:eek:
Due to increased interest in purchasing a motorcycle, I am looking for mechanic job in bicycle mechanic industry. I have been building and repairing bikes for years. Please help me in finding mechanic job.

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The best bike mechanic job you could get is one you can ride your bike to. Check in at your LBS's in your area. If you have been tweaking bikes for years they must know you from lurking around trying to get deals on components.
If you are looking to make a little cash on the side you could post an add on CL for spring time tune ups. I have seen them pop up usually around late winter early spring. Folks are always looking for a way to save a buck while others are looking to make a buck.
Dear All, Looking for a job as Professional Bike Mechanic in Australia. Currently working here in Singapore with one of the leading brand on cycling industry. With 4 years of professional experience, trainings and certificates. I would like to work overseas but I don't know where to start. I have read and heard that in order for me to legally work in Australia I should be sponsored and get an appropriate visa. Can anyone please help me? Your responses are much appreciated.
A certificate in bike wrenching? What does that entail - and how do you think it'll get you a job in Oz.

Which "leading brand" do you work for now? Do they have shops/offices overseas in Australia?
Currently working for Trek Singapore. Been certified by Shimano, Trek University and Bike School Asia as Professional Mechanic. Also completed bike fitting course by Energy Lab Hong Kong. Thanks
Your best bet would most likely be via Trek. See if there are any positions posted within Trek in Oz. If there are none posted for what you do, take a look at the jobs that are posted internationally and aim for those. Once you get in and qualify for citizenship you could always go back to wrenching on bikes if you prefer that.

I had a friend from England that looked at going to Australia about 10 years ago and the requirements for entry. I'm not too sure how a bike mechanic would even attempt to gain entry as a bike wrencher. Do you have a particular skill that's lacking in a country that's done really well at world level in cycling the past few decades?

From what I see, there are lots of hot Aussie girls. You could always find one that you like and move over there ;)

I noticed your ad that you put up looking to work in the bicycle trade. Did you ever find a job overseas? We are located in Nova Scotia, Canada and are in need of an experienced bicycle mechanic. Not quite Australia....but thought I would ask.



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I think it depends what reigion or city your are in, some areas of Aus are more bike happy than others

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