Bike rack and cargo net ..


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Aug 3, 2017
Last week I bought a new bike Trek DS3 and also I've bought a rack.
I'm not going to carry things often but occasionally ... like a towel or small bag or etc.
I was looking for something that would allow me to fix things to the rack and bought on Amazon bike cargo net. Today it arrived but it was ugly. I mean it was too big and etc.
Could someone advice for the thing that I could use to fix things to rear rack? Maybe another cargo net but smaller size or something different?
I'm looking for something pretty, not bulky, that I could put and remove when I don't need it because I will not carry things on permanent basis ...
Any advice would be appreciated ...
I put one on my tandem rack. $7 at REI store. Pretty cheap.

Yes they are a little big but I just wrap it around the rack one and a half times if my cargo is not big enough to take up the slack.

It's holding a small pack to the rack so you can't see it much. I can say it is a nice looking net.

cargo net.JPG
cargo net2.JPG