Bike recomendation-different then most

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Todd B

I have a friend (really) who is looking for a bike and came to me for ideas. Im a mountain biker and
he is looking for a more "city" bike, so Im not alot of help. He is a BIG boy (285 lbs) and wants a
bike he can cruse around L.A. Wants to spend around $800-$1000. Wants a bike that will let him hop
curbs, cruse through parks, take it along the "strand", carry stuff back from the store on a rack,
ride a few miles to work (2-3) etc. Im thinking a steel hardtail mountain bike with city tires and
good beefy rims? I do not know alot about this nitch of bike, any ideas and links would be great,
Ill pass them along to him. Thanks Todd
Not open for further replies.