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Ben Bodey

New Member
Jun 22, 2022
I am in my early 70's, and looking for my first bike. My only interest is in a road bike. Reliability, and low maintenance, online retailer, all a plus. There is a 7% grade nearby, so low gear range would be helpful. There are so many factors to consider. Any input is greatly appreciated. $700 is my maximum.
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If you're wondering about buying the best road bike - you need to search the internet for lots of information, like the article about shopping But don't just consider it as a road bike or for commuting, think about leisure trips outside of work. Bicycles are incredibly versatile, such as road trips, commuting, weekend trips, just to enjoy the countryside, shopping, group rides with other locals, even bike touring (camping or B&B), etc. Different aspects appeal to different people. Choosing the best road bike on the market is easy in the following ways
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