Bike rentals and Rides around Noosa


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Aug 9, 2007
I will be in noosa for a week near the end of October and want to experience some of your roads. I need to know who rents road bikes (nice ones if possible). I would love to do some riding while I am there but bringing my bike is not an option. I would also like some recommendations on where to ride or maybe a group ride or event would be awesome.

All input would be appreciated.
The only bike hire place I saw when I was up there in April was at Marcoola and he only rented mountain bikes. Mind you, I was there on a car club event so I wasn't actually looking for cycling opportunities.

I've just had a quick cruise around on Google and found the following:

It might be worthwhile contacting them and seeing if they can help you with finding somewhere that rents road bikes. They also have regular training rides.
If you want more than just training rides, contact Vince, the pres of Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club on 07 5492 6677. He should be able to help you with a bike and plenty of local rides. Not all of the touring rides are slow!!! whatever your tastes......